[15 Sep 2011]
Bizarre laws that stand in the way of innovation

When you think of the U.S., you often think of the word “opportunity”.  For hundreds of years, people have immigrated to the U.S. because it was the “land of opportunity”.  That isn’t to say that there aren’t many hurdles – you need an idea, skills, drive, sometimes capital, a dash of luck, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  But generally speaking, with enough of those ingredients you stand a chance of being successful.
You also need to be conscious of the laws that apply to your business.  If …

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[21 Jun 2011]
Groupon is only the first chapter in the new marketing wave

I must admin that I’ve been baffled by Groupon’s success.  I’ve been a member for probably 6 months and only bought one Groupon – a discount to a dry cleaner that i already use, which I’m sure they were thrilled about.
Basically Groupon aggregates local email addresses – they are an intermediary.  In a world where every industry is constantly being disintermediated, why are we heaping praise on a new intermediary?
I could care less about the witty writing – I never read it.  I guess it makes for some …

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[12 Jun 2011]
The significance of LinkedIn’s ‘Apply’ button that no one is talking about yet

There’s something big about LinkedIn’s recent news that no one is talking about yet.
According to a report, LinkedIn is expected to announce their “Apply with LinkedIn” button (via GigaOM).  It enables companies to place a button on their websites and online job postings so that applicants can apply by submitting just their LinkedIn profile, instead of needing to fill out a separate application.  This is a great idea, and I’d be shocked if there wasn’t significant adoption of this feature, especially among professional services businesses.   In one action, LinkedIn (1) …

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[31 May 2011]
The risks of user feedback

To seek user feedback, or not to seek user feedback… that is the question.
Of course, I’m not talking about getting user feedback after you launch your product – you’d be crazy not to listen to what your users are telling you then.  I’m talking about getting user feedback on your idea before you build it.
There is a common saying: “build what people want”.   You can’t really argue with that.  The hard part is figuring out what people want.  It seems like a sound strategy to talk with potential customers about …

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[12 May 2011]
Dear companies: stop changing the definition of “ownership”

Consumers are frustrated.  As innovations lead us to newer, better, faster, more powerful products and services, we keep finding a disparity between our purchase of those products and services and the rights we have to them.
Google and Amazon both recently announced online music “lockers” that allow consumers to upload music – that they have legally purchased – for backup purposes and to stream via a web browser or mobile app.   But the music labels think they should be paid to allow this type of service.   As a result, …

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[6 May 2011]
7 Reasons why capital raising needs to innovate

By @RoccoTarasi
In the last month the SEC has said that it will consider changes to certain capital markets regulations, including:
1. Raising the 500 shareholder threshold that triggers a public disclosure of financial results (and usually results in a public stock offering);
2. Adjusting the ban on general solicitations that prohibit or restrict publicizing share offerings; and
3. Allowing some form of crowdsourcing to raise smaller amounts of capital from a larger group of investors.  (via Mashable and VentureBeat)
Changing these and other rules are long, long overdue.  Our capital markets operate under some …